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Our facilities provide a fully integrated, highly flexible process, which allows us to offer an end-to-end service to our customers.


Metalwork carried out by highly-qualified professionals for the fabrication of unique parts made to order.


Automated metalwork using the latest technology to produce more serialised parts.


Design and technical support

We have our own technical office with 3D software tools.

These tools allow us to create all types of exploded views and assemblies. Based on the customer’s drawings we make an exploded view of the complete assembly. We then determine the assembly and welding sequence.


We carry out all kinds of medium and heavy metalwork, using the customer’s drawing as a starting point.

Preliminary operations are clearly identified to avoid possible errors. We pay particular attention to aspects such as the preliminary mechanical operations, the sequence of welds and accessibility.

We always double check measurements and excess material.


Our team of certified professionals have the experience required to carry out any type of welding. This includes seam welds up to 100% of the thickness, tested with ultrasound.

Welders certified under the UNE-EN 287 Standard. We collaborate with leading technology centres to carry out research into welding techniques.

As well as the talent of our team, we also have a welding robot, which is also certified under UNE EN ISO 15614-1 and S/UNE EN ISO 14732, guaranteeing 100% quality.


We provide quality, reliability and comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

UNE-EN 472
We have approved in-house nondestructive testing technicians who hold CERTIAEND (Spanish NDT Association) Level 2 certificates.